Stick a fork in me because I'm done
Looking over my accomplishments and the triumps I've overcome
But I let those shiny, plastic trophies cloud my thought process
Instead of choosing humility I chose my worthless success
Did I not know that it could all be taken away from me?
That those petty achievements meant nothing to society?
Who was I anyway? Oh yeah, Ashleigh the Great
Who sailed on a ship to a new world , give me a national holiday
And bow at my arrival, call me the new Kanye
Because everyone else is a mere mortal, mere peasants
Besides my astonishing grades, everything else about me was so unpleasant
But I felt that the world owed me something, they had a price to pay in order to be in attendance in my presence
Ashleigh doesn’t bless for free so don’t even think about sneezing
The gratification flowers on the stage, and pats on the back were past pleasing
I felt the world had something to owe me
Ashleigh doesn’t perform for free
Until it all came crashing down, so long invincibility
Somehow I became a mortal, what do you mean I'm not above the law?
Well cut my legs off and by me a bicycle because Ashleigh has been ripped raw


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