Ariel's Schadenfreude


United States
40° 52' 7.6404" N, 73° 53' 51.9684" W

I. Flamed. Amazement.
That is, I would have done so,
If water were flame.

If the rain could burn,
I would be a fiery sea,
Rising from the sky.

Falling to the earth
as the people dance, or cower,
hiding from the storm.

So awesome, it is,
leaping through the sky, earthbound
As I break apart...

My body melting
into millions of droplets,
Iris leads the charge.

But I deviate.
Parts of me choose to meet waves,
augmenting their fury.

Every drop, a tear,
a secondhand memorie
of ambiguity.

The ship, it is grand,
but the sea is grander,
and it shows it might.

Capsizing the beast,
man has now lost to nature.
He licks his false wounds.

The same droplets fall,
the tempest no weaker now
to one young vagrant.

At home in the lights,
the neon of a new world
gives him some solace.

But he cannot care.
All senses, horribly dulled
because he is drenched.

Feeling as a flute,
from brim to dregs, he is drained,
and so loses hope.

He sits on a rooftop,
the SkyView, above, below.
Still as ever, he hears.

He cries in anguish.
The tears, quite like the rain,
cursing the tempest.


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