To Ariana M. Jones~ Skittles


This poem is long over due

But you should know what you mean to me without me writing words 

And reading them from a screen

You've put up with my silent rage

You've put up with me keeping myself in a steel cage

You've put up with my bad decisions

And my crazy moments

You've put up with me running into your arms first thing in the morning

Because of some crap Mason or my family had put me through

I put up with your depression and bad thoughts

Especially  at night

I've changed my whole sleep pattern so that I'm accessible to you

And you've done the same for me

You're as straight as the spine of a spiral notebook

And there's never an end to the gay jokes 

And your opinion on my sexuality (I'm straight woman!)

But I still love you 

Never forget how much you mean to me, please

This poem is about: 
My family


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