Are you in this poem?

Where have you been?

Can you hear me?

I am having trouble finding you.


Are you under the rocks,

That line the edge of the road?

You know the ones.

The ones that we would always toss.

But you’re not under them.


I’ll check in the park.

Are you swinging on the swings

Trying to fly, again?

Are you sliding down the slide

Without me?

I cannot find you here.


Maybe if I climb this tree?

The one in your yard,

That can’t hold us anymore.

But you’re not in the tree,

Nor in the leaves,

And not along the branches.


They tell me you are up.

But I do not see you in the clouds.

I have not spotted you in the blue,

And not in the sun.

Or up in the black,

Or hiding in the moon.


So where are you?

Can I have a hint?

I’ll keep looking, I won’t give up!


Are you under the covers,

Tangled in the sheets,

Protected by your pillows?

Or at your desk,

Between your note,

And next to the tissues?


Maybe you are in the bathtub?

Under the water?

I’ll check beneath the blade,

And in the puddles of red.

Even search the bottle of pills,

You forgot them on the floor.


Where did you go?

How did this happen?

Why didn’t you tell me?


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