Are You Awake?

Wealthy and powerful take all that we've worked for
Truth is distorted, with illusions and folklore
Much exploitation for money and profit
You will be punished if you try to stop it
False manipulation of the media and its news
The homeless and helpless are stealthily used
Parochial reporters, information restricted
Unaware of what our government has inflicted
Greedy politicians are robbing the poor men
Why have the audacity to accept such torment
Capitalistic warmongers take people's lives
Stirring unwanted controversy since the innocent die
Materialism is spreading fast like a cold
Consumers buy more cause of the lies they're told
So-called necessities but true value is lacked
We're fed false information and superficial facts
Finding out the truth called mental and insane
The moment it spreads, think fast, you're detained
Away from your loved ones, the truth is compressed
Prevention from words, that must be confessed
All these conspiracy theories, theory isn't my choice
These theories are reality, coming from a bold voice
Blatant ignorance, with no consciousness rising
From my perspective it's not that surprising 
Egotism overtakes awareness of the mind
Disguising what's important with pleasure designed
Keeping us slaves who cling and consume
Temporary illusions that will disappear soon
Music is lacking meaning, true expression
Meaningless, senseless drivel it's repression
Poisonous ratchets, it's an artistic recession 
We need to teach, educate, and ask questions
No sign of artistry, craft is concealed
Holding us hostage, unable to be real
Deprivation of freedom, privacy, and creation 
Unfortunately, sex is a musical obligation
False entitlement, poisonous manipulation
Indulged in vanity, hidden exploitation
The world is a stage, full of deceit
Neurotic behavior, the truth is obsolete
Egos and beliefs, lead us to separation
Too comfortable to enable confrontation
These social narcotics are making me numb
Ignoring the world's problems, making me dumb 
I see past your illusions, no more compromises 
Won't protect your system my consciousness rises
God is the reason my soul is set free
I accept this harsh and brutal reality
So escape this subliminal mind control
Emancipate your mind, don't lose your soul
Millions of pictures on social media sites
Blind leading the blind, ignoring the light
Enough compromises, the truth shall be said
To honor all truth seekers, alive and dead
Awaken yourself from this mental prison
Separate yourself from these schisms and isms
In complete darkness, we are all the same
Different devils, but in the same game
All this religion, just a program on television
Don't let it control your ideas and decisions
Ascend your awareness, let these illusions break
At the end of the day, ask yourself, “Are you awake?”


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