Are We Free

We once were not free.

Free as others could be.

Free to walk.

Free to talk.

While we were pickin’ and pluckin’,

they were watching like a hawk.


We once were not free.

Free to speak and spill all the tea.

They used us as tools.

They didn't like us as much, 

so they made black and white schools.


We once were not free.

Free to speak on these issues going on in society.

We got hosed down multiple times.

What did they get ?

We got dogs set on us for speaking our minds.

What did they get ?


But now we are free.


Him, her, you and even me.

But then again,

Weren't George, Breonna, Sandra, Sean, Tamiar, Ahmead and Trevon free ?

All of them 6 feet under because of police brutality ?

Now tell me are you serious ?

No, you must be giving me a joke because this is hilarious.


I thought we were free ?

Free like we were said to be.

I’m only 16 and these things are killing me.

I’m so afraid.

Afraid to be the color that I was made.


But now that I am free,

I won’t sit back and let this world be as racist and cruel as it seems to be.

Dr. King, Mr.X, Mrs. Parks and even Mrs. Tubman.

They wouldn't want our rights to be taken from us again.

From them ?

Now lets not pretend that this world of equality isn't really equal my friend.

Let me say this how it shall be. 

Because now we ALL are free.

Yeah that's right, you and me.

Labeled black N’s as we roam these hatred streets.

But guess what ?

I’m black and I’m proud,

And yes I'll say that twice as loud.

Because justice isn't just given in your hand.

It's marching, crying, fighting and voices that made these lands.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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