Apprehensive Are Wandering Minds

Apprehensive are wandering minds

Cautious to say the least

But behind their fragile walls

Lies a dangerous beast


It could tear you to shreds from what it’s observed

Pick you apart with just a word

But don’t worry not to fear

All you have to do is lend me your ear


Be kind to the quiet and nice to nerds

Don’t make fun of them or their passion that burns

Because that’s how you destroy them

That’s why they will stop


The reason they’re kind is because someone wasn’t

The reason there quiet is because someone told them to quit it

And they all have there breaking points which they don’t even know

So why would you test it? What doe it show?


When they are your friends they love you truly

And if you hurt them they feel it deeply

But they know you better and you’ll never know

Until the beast starts to show


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