The Apple

What it seems most people find inspiring 

Is people who have, what they’re desiring 

Those that have money, fame, or power 

Those that live on top of Trump tower 


Those who drive ferraris and mercedes 

Those that date all the beautiful ladies 

Those who buy and own all the giant mansions 

Those unsatisfied; and needing expansions 


All these traits are attractive no doubt 

But I think it’s not what life’s about

What is much more motivating to me 

Is someone who submits themselves; humbly 


One who has all the money, power, and fame 

One who should be glorifying their own name 

Instead, they choose to give that power away 

Like I read in Tim Tebow’s “This is the Day” 


Tim Tebow had every reason to be proud 

But instead, at Jesus’ feet he bowed, and vowed 

Whatever he did, God would get the glory 

But that’s not the coolest part of this story 


After Tim’s football career was ended 

He made very clear what he intended 

To focus on a specific cause 

This idea would make some click pause 

And blink at the TV; to make sure they could see clearly 

Tim Tebow helping someone with a disability 


Not just one person though, no no no

That was not enough for Tim Tebow 

He made a prom night for his newfound friends 

What’s important is the message he sends 


He’s saying to that girl, or boy 

That being with them brings him joy 

That they are special; and they are seen 

That they are a valued human being 


In my own life this has inspired me 

To be the most selfless I can be 

To see a need--and give a response 

To let go of my own needs and wants 


I know that the temptation is there 

It’s like the apple, that you can’t bear 

To just leave it their on the tree 

But I beg you please believe me 


If you pry your eyes away from the fruit 

And if your selfishness you can uproot 

I promise you that the garden has more 

In the broken, the beaten down, and poor 

When you do, it's like opening a door 

Like the greatest feeling you can’t ignore 

Like letting someone open up and pour 

So much joy that your smile starts to get sore

And you realize what life is really for 


So let me steal Tebow’s words, and say 

That I believe that “This is the Day” 

To break free from selfish temptation 

Find your personal inspiration 

Discover a way to help others 

Before the apple, your joy, smothers 


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