An Apology to OUR Women

Why do I write? I have inner thoughts that need to known... My exisitence is unkown... untill I put this pen to this paper and these words to this mic... 

I write because its the only way you will hear me.,.. Can you hear me? Did you even know I know I was here? Did you smell my scent or were words too powerful for you too stick around..

Now that you know I am here have a seat and let my words soothe your thoughts as while they warm your heart...

and now a Apology to OUR Women...


Hold my hand my sister

Widen your ears and open your heart one...last...time...


I know you already have time and time again


And we have already penetrated you so deeply

We have managed to hit everything but the spot...


And I don't mean sexually I am talking about sensually and intellectually.


We have ignored your cries for help for years as you continued to be rapped, beaten, and slaughtered.


By the system... By the enemy and even by us brothers


An apology to my sister...


As we have failed you as your brothers...

It's is our job to protect you from the enemy not be your enemy ....

Not treat you as the enemy...


But to care love and nurture your beauty


From the plantation to the corporation


We let you down.


From letting you be rapped by Massa to allowing what you wear to express your beauty be justification for your rape by society


Your the victim

We slut shame and call you every other bitch in the book when you don't do what we want...


If you not twerking for me then you a hoe


If we break up then you a hoe


If you have male friends then you a hoe


Damn you can't win for losing can you?


Or How about when it's a black women rapped the reason is


"She wore that outfit to get attention so she was asking for it it's what she wanted"


This is our fault. The media portrays you as a slut and scum and we only reinforce by our actions as Black Men!


An apology to OUR women



We exclude you from all discussions of mass incarnation


Say her Name


We don't rally for black women lives that are in the prison system


It's all about the men


You go away for 17 years not one visit…. Not a single letter

Well that's wrong your the glue that holds us all together


You bare us in your womb and we just eat away at your insides and your still love us


We tear your walls down as your spread your legs to birth us


Not even a phone call


Say her name...


You work 9-5 to keep us satisfied and we don't care...


There is no love in the community


We say


" If she ain't got no ass then she ain't for me"




"Damn white girls evolving... Y'all black girls better watch out cause white girl winning"


"I don't want no black girl they ain't worth nothing"


"I want me a foreign bitch... They know what that mouth do"


We undermine your Black skin and dehumanize your already colonized minds


But we may be the most colored blind


We don't see beauty when we see you we filth


We even have you doing it to yourselves


From dying your hair to lighting your skin to everybody wanting to claim Lightskinned...


It's whiteness that clouds our minds and we don't see it because we are colorless blind


Saying things like

"The blacker the berry the sweeter the cherry"


"Get you a Lightskinned girl"





WHY? Because your black is beautiful no matter if your a Ciara or. Janelle or a Whoopie


Now that you have heard my apology close your heart and never let these last words go


I Love you




Black Man






This poem came about when I decieded to let Black Women that someone knows that thier stuggle is REAL and that when a Black Man perpetuates said struggle it only make the pain worse.

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