a single comment. 
4 lonely words. 
they cut deep into otherwise sparkling flesh, 
make salty rivers run taking golden flakes down their rapids. 
you delete the comment. 
safe from outside eyes. 
but not from the eyes in your mind, 
always looking and memorizing and remembering those 4 words. 
they flutter around, inches away but always fleeting,
always fleeting when you reach and try to destroy them and forget.
something different than you've ever seen before, a mouse that spots you but doesn't run or hide.
It grows until it becomes a rat, dark and looming.
where you can't quite make it out,
but its presence still remaining like a breadcrumb on a gray t-shirt but reluctant to let go. 
It crawls closer, moving around you on invisible wings.
It drifts away and then closer when you least expect it and it darts back
Making a fresh stain on your mind's eye. 
You remember the looking.
The looking around for the owner of those 4 words and you wonder who,
who could have spit such a remark?
Armed with hugs and soft words
You approach and confront them gently with footsteps that alert them and yet,
they stand and look up at you with tears of thorned roses in their eyes.
These new words, 2 flowing streams of raw sugar,
hardly make up for the bite they gave before.
your differences pool behind you as the tide of a new beginning comes in.
the start of a new comment.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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