This time when we can't truly show our hearts
How earth bleeds for our sins and scars
We need to heed advices taken from the universe
It's at peace with itself and so should we be
I mean today I'm appreciative for breathing
Before I didn't even appreciate the ceiling
Now it's all I can stare at blankly
While my thoughts manifest and eat at me
Society has no generosity to the ones who truly see
The inner workings of businesses and governments
We have more pressing matters to attend to such as the human race and our prosperity
I wish for a world with no disease or poverty
We in this together yet we're all melting slowly
If nothing is done then demons have won
They've claimed earth as theirs and we're done
Social status does matter when the system is flawed
The universe is the only thing that's truly flawless
We need to unite against these few that control us
A global shutdown is the only way to do this
So that all CEOs and bosses can truly see how it feels to be at the bottom
We have power in number and nothing can stop anonymous
That's just the truth

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Our world
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