Anything but Fearless

Fearless leader

to literally mean without fear

but what does it mean 

to face your worst fears? 

To expierience the unknown, to make the decisions no one else can make

To do the unexpected

life has become a chess board

all about strategies and military tactics

carfeul moves 


10 steps ahead of everyone else 


they don't know me 

or the pressure 

the pressure to be perfect 

to be the best 

all the things I do 

they don't realize 

that I do it for them 

i was told at a young age that emotions  made you weak 

and our enemies 

need to know that I  was powerful 

unmerciful and unforgiving 

now everyone thinks 

that I am above them 

they have just forgotten 

that I am just like them 

but they don't care 

anything I do now

is done alone 

in silence 

so no one will ever find out 

no one knows about the tears shed behind closed doors 

no one knows about the 

to be fearless means to know no emotions 

and Im just a pawn in this game called life 

and i'm just playing my part

commanded to do what im told 

glossy eyes 

and perfect composure

because while im dying on the inside 

I have to pretend to be the fearless leader

not only for the world to see 

but to keep me from falling apart 


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