Before Anything Else

If we are together

I know, in all types of weather

In the good, bad and vision impairing

Even when gorgeous girls are staring

I should be before anyone else

I must be before anything else

I'm your girl and you are my guy

There shouldn't be anyone on the side


I am before anyone else

I better be before anything else

Some people don't play by these rules

Some guys use their girls as tools

I guess I didn't cuddle with you enough

I guess I'm not too dainty, I'm tough

I'm probably not before anyone else

I may not be before anything else

She is taller, prettier and more athletic

I'm intelligent, level headed not frenetic

She is better and more willing to try

Things, that I wouldn't ever do, I would die

I wish I was before anyone else

I really hoped I was before anything else

Am I really Bae?

Is this how all Baes are treated?


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