Another Walk

This was the same walk that she took every night

but tonight was sensable

the smoke stormed into her lungs

and with an exhale, it fled from her breath.


She could feel the sensation ruling over her mind

so she looked up into the night air

expecting to see some savior to rescue her from her solitude

but instead she was presented with the stars


The same stars that hung over her head every night

the same stars that she used to gaze at as a kid with wonder

but now, she gazes with jealous, tearing eyes

as if they did something to her


Because she was left on the surface

while they displayed their beauty to the earth

Only if she had a beauty to show,

she wouldn’t gaze with so much Envy


So she dragged more smoke into her desperate lungs

and kept on walking, down the same path she’s always taken

because tonight was just another night.

Another wistful walk


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