Another Snow White Story

Once upon a time there lived an evil Queen. Patience wasn’t one of her strong suits. Quizzing her subjects on random topics and riddles was one of her favorite forms of torture. Rarely did anyone survive one of her sessions unscathed or dungeon-free. Seven seconds was all the time the Queen allowed for an answer for each of her questions in her three question quiz.

There was a prophecy though that stated whoever answered all three of the Queen’s questions correctly would become the next ruler of the land. Unfortunately, no one had come close to fulfilling the prophecy.

Villages were wiped out due to participants failing and losing everything that their family owned. Worry and strife were spreading over the kingdom. Xylophones were distributed out to those who got two out of three questions right, but these semi-winners never got to see their prizes due to their imprisonment situation. Young participants were harshly punished if they got the unforgivable score of zero out of three. Zoo animals like lions, tigers, and bears were released on these failures.

Autumn came and went, but one cold winter day hope came to the kingdom. Blizzard winds from winter bounced the doors open as a fragile figure walked quietly into the Queen’s throne room. Clutched in her hand was a pure white snowflake.

“Declare yourself at once peasant!” screamed the Queen.

“Ease your mind, Your Highness, I’m only here to answer your riddles,” replied the girl softly.

“Fine, failure means death.” Gripping her throne the Queen continued, “what is it that’s always coming but never arrives?”

Heaving a sigh the girl answered, “tomorrow.”

Impressed the queen asked, “what has no beginning, end, or middle and touches every continent?”

Jabbing her foot into the ground the girl hesitantly said, “the ocean.”

Knocked off by the correct answer the Queen asks quickly, “what is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything?”

Licking her lips and folding her arms and the snowflake behind her back the girl replies, “your shadow.”

Murmurs grew throughout the throne room, and the evil Queen let out a moan while she disappeared in a bang of flashing light that filled the whole room with silence.

Nevertheless the very next day the girl was crowned, henceforth known as Snow White by her people throughout the kingdom.



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