Another side of ADHD

When you hear ADHD

what do you see?


A little boy, seven years old,

unable to remain in a chair.


What about a bright girl of seventeen,

alone and drowning in despair?


Oh, the girl doesn’t have ADHD.

She's going through the teenage years.



What if I said that it is ADHD,

and that she was me?


But you are so smart,

surely you get good grades-


What if I said I was failing

my hopes and dreams fading?


ADHD doesn't involve being suicidal,

and you're not hyperactive, so that's final.


So many things I could say,

So many things I know.

If I could change something in any way,

 this wouldn't happen to anyone tomorrow.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



My brother has severe ADHD and that line about the seven year old boy hit me

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