Another Passion of Mine


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I have hopes and dreams.

Not to grant me money or fame but they are vibrant passions.

A passion that i yearn for, and ache for although it seems to be making a run for it.

Now the pressure is caving me to doubt myself.  

Words that echo through that dark pit that I never be good enough.


I desperately want to leave but someone keeps reaching out to me.

Slapping that extended hand is what i seem to be good at.

Expectations of myself versus how others view me enthralls me.

They’ve reached a mountain in where i can never imagine to see my footsteps there.

Screaming across continents hoping to evoke the truth of myself and provoke anger.

My throat is sore now and all i get is an embrace.


They won’t abandon me.



Neither will I.

I want to make them proud for the smiles and guidance I received.

The hugs and the ways they continue to inspire me.

One day i will give it back to them times a hundred

To fill their sweats of hard work just to feed me with pride, well i’d be speechless.


I owe it to my parents, my sister, my brother, my best friend but most importantly me.

Trying to gasp for a breath from streams of impossible qualifications

Seems difficult but those parents, sister, brother, and best friend led me to one belief.

That giving up is no way to get my lungs to inhale for air.


I  still suffocate but i managed to find a door within my walls.

An outlet that clears my head from all the smoke that the world spreads.

I just tap away and the music comes pouring in.

Little by little the pain drifts away.  

Joy creeps back in and i think to myself of these wonderful ideas that,

I have hopes and dreams and I’ll try my best to pursue you as well.

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