Another Masterpiece Created

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 02:18 -- Halah

This is how we deal with things

Red, blue, purple, green

Splashes of paint against the canvas of life

Leaving our marks in the world




The color of tragedy and of growth

Growing from the ground we walk on

Criticism taken; a better artist created




Stereotypical isn’t it?

Of happiness and life

But also of illness, of worry, and flowers in the waiting room

There’s another streak on the canvas

How many more before it’s filled?




Drinking and paint water

Vital to life

There’s a calmness around aqua

That makes you feel at peace,

A false sense of serenity created




For too many thoughts inside our heads

We can’t get them all out

Confusion, royalty, and pride

Pride in knowing that we’re contributing to society

And confusion on how to put it out there

Another streak on the canvas




A confusing color, magenta

An equal mix of similar colors – pink and red

Happiness and anger

Or the colors of the flowers next to a grave

Perhaps of the bike next to a coffee shop

that you go on your first date




We’re taught to love green

The color of money, of nature, of all good things

And the color of the carpet at your grandma’s house

The difference you made there

The color of a soldier’s uniform before going to battle

More streaks go on the canvas


Look where you are now

A beautiful concoction of colors, of experiences

That otherwise wouldn’t have existed without the bad moments

Look in the mirror; you’ve changed lives

Congratulations artist


Another masterpiece created



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