Another Intriguing Love Story

Miss Cooper knew that Lyn had a crush on her friend Scottie,

But she did not tell him until after he married Kayla.

How did Miss Cooper get such intriguing information?

Lyn told the preacher that she loved Scottie madly,

But she was not bold enough to tell him about her love.

The preacher did not expect Lyn to say something like that.


Although the preacher had a wife, he was lusting after Lyn.

Lyn thought the preacher would talk to Scottie directly about what she said,

But he told Miss Cooper about it instead of telling Scottie.

And he told her not to say anything to Scottie about it.

The preacher did that because he wanted to have an affair with Lyn.

Lyn did not love the preacher, so he was jealous of Scottie.


One night Miss Cooper told Scottie that she knew a girl who loved him.

Scottie wanted to know who it was and she said that it was Lyn.

That late information came as a sad surprise to Scottie.

He said he loved Lyn, but he did not know that she loved him.

Scottie asked her why she did not tell him about it before he married Kayla.

He also asked her why she waited until that time to tell him.


Miss Cooper never responded to the latter question.

She said, “I did not want to break up the courtship between you and Kayla.”

Although Scottie was angry with Miss Cooper, he did not show his anger.

He confirmed her suspicion by saying that she was right.

And he said if he had known that Lyn was in love with him,

He would not have courted Kayla because he wanted to marry Lyn.


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