Anonymous Love Letters

The girl who sits beside me in class looks ravishing,
But I'm too shy to tell her that I love her
I write her anonymous love letters each day
And I convey the love in my heart for her
I can’t prevent tears from filling my eyes
Whenever I’m daydreaming about her love
My passion for her will get me nowhere,
Since she doesn’t know how I feel about her

I just can’t help writing erotic things
When my favourite classmate is on my mind
The moving lines reflect my adoration for her
I compose love letters from the heart
And I pour out my deepest feelings
She keenly reads them with a smiling face
The words obviously fascinate her
If I told her I wrote them, would she be disappointed?

I really don't want to spoil our friendship,
So I write love letters to her anonymously
She doesn’t know who the author is
It never crossed her mind that I love her
To her I’m just a geeky student,
A shy boy who hardly speaks to anyone
I stay close to her during each lesson
And I wish she’d start to feel affection for me

I’d like to whisper pleasant words in her ear,
But I let the chance that I’ve waited for go by
Now she’s dating a boy in high school
It makes me sad and I feel like dying
I know that I’m unlikely to get her attention,
But I’ll never lose my firm optimism
I still think there's a chance of winning her heart
And I want her to fall for me naturally

Someday she might take a closer look at me
And notice my amorous glances at her
Perhaps she’ll say something nice to me
When she realises that I’m yearning for her love
I can only imagine telling her I love her
And hearing her say she loves me too,
So I’ll go on writing anonymous love letters
And secretly put them among her books


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