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He closed the door in front of me and I hope I know what I’m doing
‘Cause my heart is racing as this stranger greets my eyes.

The lock turns and twists into a smile as my heart twists into a knot
‘Cause his hand starts to travel and mine start to hide.

You shake your head in your infinite state of wisdom
‘Cause you’re glad you don’t have to taste my tears again.

I ready my heart and lock my mind to what may come of sweaty lips
‘Cause I know he’s serious when his roses die of heat.

Hurricanes crash and destroy everything they toy with
‘Cause their façade of strength gives way to the passion of hope.

Revolutions start because of people like you, cold and without help
‘Cause when I’m alone there is only the sound of mute screams.

Nothing can keep him standing there forever, not even my greatest wish
‘Cause his wool is falling off of his head and showing the wolf underneath.

Fire pumps through his vile veins, while all the fire has drained from my heart
‘Cause I grasp the horror of what I invited into my life.

Your glowing eyes and lying locks make a picturesque beauty
‘Cause I am completely enraptured by your caring heart.

All I can do is try to repose while I try to compose
‘Cause what I have is half of what I had.

Why did you leave me to the wolfs, to the monsters in plain sight
‘Cause you know that they feed on heartbroken girls.

My fingers reach for an object to release the pain
‘Cause I can’t move when I’m being eaten alive.

His heart stops short like the lightning finally struck him
‘Cause I lay the metal down and run, fly, fall, dream to the phone.

Why did the cruelties of your heart not reach the breaking point?
‘Cause it was too heavy and I need someone to lift the burden off my chest…


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