Thu, 07/12/2018 - 00:41 -- Shaye95

It’s not just a way of expressing yourself. 

It’s not just a subject you learned in high school, or a class you took in college. 


It’s a way for me to tell my story without letting you know the real me. 

It’s a way for me to be heard, but not known. 


It’s a way for me to breathe steadily for once in my life. 


It allows me to let go. 

It allows me to be me. 


It helps me retell my past, 

Without the judgement of telling a therapist. 


It’s a way for me to escape my hectic, anxiety prone life. 


I could explain my life through tears and people can try to understand. 

But poetry allows me to write about this life, without names, without faces, without judgement. 




Poetry allows me to reveal my darkest places without allowing you to see them with your own eyes.  




It’s the only way for me, 

To tell my story. 

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