A mask

Through which our silent judging eyes

Peer though the haze and hatred all the time

On blank screens. Reflect the beast inside

He's huffin' and puffin' his musky breath

Laid siege against our tempered self.

The "us" of patient reason cast aside

Our lawful reason

Cast aside

The monster bares his fangs

Unleash the rage inside


Our audience, is full of fish who bite

Any tidbit that comes in sight


Hang logic!

This is the intranet


Hang sanity!

We are not finished yet.


Hang races!

We can say what 'ere we please

And find ourselves fanatics who spout

Insanity right back at me!


The same madness anonymity breathes

It's a Cancerous disease


Detach the character from all his words

Distort the imagery

Into amalgamations of what they used to be.


Can you see?

Behind the ones and zeros on the screen

The Tears upon her face


Are you sure they're really there, or just confectionery?

To mask a predator in silent night

Feasting upon the helpless


Lost who run to forums wide

Seeking attention.


This isn't the jungle you believe it is supposed to be.


This isn't a petting zoo


It's a killing spree!


The crimes committed

Only a daily basis

Spell catastrophe


You think your Web friend is a nice guy?

Strip away the dividing line composed of ones and zeros

See the face in light of who they are behind the screen

Strive to see what electronics cover up



Yet through the mask of asinine


Do we not see

The countless numbers gather everywhere

It's like a colony

Of insects merged into a massive mosh of voices

All hiding behind the same wall

Detach the consequences from the man

Release the shackles of the beast inside

Its horns, the spears of judgement

Its teeth, impending mob attack

Its claws retract and slash back

Opinions flash across the screen


In ones and zeros green

With jealousy

And hate towards all the people who go unseen

Through anonymity


A tool abused



In day to day



Are you still there?

Behind the screen




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