Annual Nirvana


The leaves fall with ease and the kids begin to grieve

as the summer weaves into the distance with a cool, fall breeze.

Gone for now are the pool parties, relaxation, and warm days,

substituted for school tardies, exasperation, and dismay.


Not today, no it should not be this way,

the sun continues shedding golden rays.

Of course we now have shorter days,

but also the game Anquan Boldin plays.


Field goals and touchdowns and runs and passes,

this game helps to escape my routine classes.


Football is that one love that will never go away,

no matter the distance, the right or wrong play,

I dream of this game day-after-day,

and anxiously await every Sunday.


The outcome can raise my spirits, making my whole week better,

or can make my week assimilate to a weak, long, drawn out cover letter;

Painful to get through, but once it's been finished,

the opportunity to succeed makes my niave hope replenish.


So simple is this passion,

it makes it easy for me

to get caught up in the moment,

forgetting the natural artistry.


Red and orange. Greens fading to yellow,

dew on the grass as the sun begins to mellow.

A slight chill warns of the oncoming winter-freeze,

all we ask is to enjoy this season for a while, please.


This time of bliss goes so fast,

as it is said all great things do.

This is the best time of the year,

and it seems that most people have no clue.


Autumn is my annual nirvana.




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