Animation Films

From when children of the 90's are exposed to the world of fantasy,

With wild imagination and creativity that sores beyond a lie.

That first glance we believe we could fly,

Just like Aladdin and Peter Pan took off with no problems.

The moments we look at passing trees from a moving car,     

Like moving pictures I saw a man swinging from vine to vine.  

Only to know that Tarzan wasn't so far.

From her tall castle's window lies a princess Org,

Only to turn out to be Princess Fiona who is only known as fine.

With the curiosity of a human mind they slip into emotions like a glove,

At first glace Wall-e falls in love.

On a beautiful day that is full of death,

Carl only wished Ellie still took her breath.

Those cold days when vikins declared war,

Are long over when Hiccup and Toothless started to soar.

Animation film is more than just a draw,

It leaves the audience in aw.


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