Animals Brighten my Life

What makes me happy?

Well, I could always go for a nice long nappy,

or read a book full of dragons and wizards,

while eating a large dairy queen blizzard.


But what makes me really smirk?

I know its not the hours I spend on strenuous homework,

or picking up the thousands of leaves that fall from my big oak tree,

and definetly not having to work for free.


Animals are what make me truly smile.

It has been this way for a while.

I love horses, cats, and dogs,

even elephants and hogs.


They can always warm my heart on a bad day,

even if all I am doing is feeding them hay. 

When they look at me with their little innocent eyes,

it makes me feel like I can touch the skies.


Animals make me feel like I can achieve all my dreams,

and they will always be on my team.

They relieve my high levels of stress,

and they help me get to success.


Animals make me happy.

Animals make me smirk,

and animals make me smile.










































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