Anger WALL of steel


The moment I tried to just do something positive 

There it goes again that knock at the door can't you hear it 

that wall of steel of angry ready for me to make a mistake 

How hard I tried to follow the 

stuff I learned from bible study 

slow to get angry and quick to listen that passed one ear and out the other 

as something comes to test me and I failed 

landed right on my face by myself 

as I'm in my room being creative and hanging all my drawings on my wall 

and my brother Andre' came in the room annoying and I asked him nicely could he leave

so I'm all frustrated and just so tried of him

that he asked me if I loved him  which I was so annoyed and wasn't trying to hear what he had to say I  said no I just wanted him to leave 

which wasn't the case only

blocked me out from my freedom 

to the door of the angry 

which brought me down from to the worst day of my life 


Mafi Grey

I can relate to this cause anger is something we should avoid but I was always angry growing up about everything that happened to me and I couldnt let go of it, even now but it's less now. What I was trying to say was that I used my anger for my strength, for my creativity, for so many motivation things; even when I wanted to work out I used my anger to make me get throught it. I would use it at work when I would have to clean something up so I would get mad and by that way I did it faster and I didn't think about what I was going to do first, I just did it.


I have a lot angry inside be but if you saw me in real life look me think I net that girl never get angry. I have so much emotions inside that I remember everything that hurt me just make more angry. I draw a lot my wall is full of quotes and my drawing all my Poetry, all my singing I do and dance those the moments I don't feel anger because I know that stuff can't hurt me when everything in the world does

Mafi Grey

I was the same way as a child, going to school in the morning i was so angry that it showed it on my face. People wouldn't set next to me and everyone always asked why I was so angry, like damn the day just started; like what could have pissed me off so much that I brought it into the next day. But see I learn to not become anger, to use my angry for positive things, to be happier but in the begin I was made at the world and life. You can't get any angrier than that.


Time to live in the book of life let go of good and evil


I can relate i would be so angry that i had to write poetry just to cool off .i was so frustrated that when i stand still all i wanted to do is destroy everything in my way .i can relate to you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the devil is a liar

we all make mistakes, that's a part of life

learn to cultivate and grow

it's easy to be angry, but it never helps

find something constructive so you don't become destructive

poetry could beging the process of doing something productive


You are so right PREACH. I use my angry with my words so everytime I Get angry I write about it

Mafi Grey

Yeah The MVP is right, anger only bring destruction but I learned to reform it; only then can it be use for postive things. 


yes i use my anger on my drawings and poetry


Thats the best way direct your energy


Yes so true check out more my poetry and tell me what you think .thanks for the support

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