Angel Youth

Why is our youth becoming angels?


I’m losing them left and right,

This is an urgent fight,

To have a future that’s bright,

I don’t care if this sounds impolite,

But it’s like you ignore us in spite


You have a budget of 230,812,460 dollars,

You're supposed to be scholars,

And yet you’re acting like you have black and blue collars,

And you’re ignoring our hollers


How can our district’s ranking be so high,

When we have angels flying by,

Numbers increasing of who wants to die,

Please at least reply


I understand we perform well,

But what’s that matter when all’s hell,

It’s like none of you can tell,

Too focused on where we excel


Four deaths in eleven months,

And no one batted their eyes once,

We just got murmured grunts,

And everyone putting up artificial fronts


Their lives were just beginning to start,

Now we only have them in heart,

Because you let them depart,

Somehow thinking that was smart


Why does no one care,

Until they’re in a prayer,

It doesn’t repair,

Anything that’s unfair


Why is our youth becoming angels?


Their songs roaring and tumbling over the clouds,

And yet it doesn’t matter until you see their ghostly silhouette,

Dancing in the sky,

May their spirits fly high


This poem is about: 
My community


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