Mon, 06/25/2018 - 13:46 -- ShikaL

You walked up the driveway

Lugging your suitcase behind

You never emitted a word of pain

You really are one of a kind

Your leg in a cast

You stumbled on

Without a word...

Without a sound...

I asked you for advice

You gave the best you had

Never mind you got Ds

in your GCSE exams

You are an angel

on the inside and out

You are one of a kind

To find someone like you - it's hard to find

People like you are hard to find

And even harder to keep

So why are you still by my side?

I texted you at 3am

In my midlife crisis

Not to say that I'm old

Just that you're bold

You stayed up to talk to me

Thank you...

I'm always round yours

The first one I talk to

Break ups were just your scene

I could always rely on you

You are an angel

Sent from heaven above

A minute away

Even from the phone

I can call you

And know that you'll be there

Sometimes I phone

In the middle of the night

Just to know that you're there

No matter what the time

You pick up on the second ring

No matter how late

Even 6am

My mom screams

A victim of abuse

You were the first one I told

The first one I could trust

Thanks for being there.

You're an angel

One of a kind

Even when I'm a jerk

Yep,I'm not afraid to admit it

I am a jerk

Though sometimes I wonder

Am I really there?



This poem is about: 
My family


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