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At a glance I glimpsed something I couldn't comprehend
A shimmer of light that deafened
And Silenced
All the shadows screeching from within
And in
that moment that I had
I Stepped Out of an Ugly Skin
I had stepped out of an abused vessel
and nestled into a new flesh
Refreshed in holy comforting words that
assured me my past midnight cries had not gone unheard
and I knew, despite how absurd it seemed
The idea was not out of range
I looked at myself
and knew
that I
had changed
History begs me to repeat herstory but my story
no longer involves her voluntary vile behavior
No longer will I enable her to control me
for the me that stands and holds me is held by something
higher than me
higher than her
greater than you
Sir And Ma'am, understand that I understand I have grown
I do accept and own my mistakes but they no longer make or break the she under this face
There is no trace
Or evidence of my sins because
they've been washed and here anew I begin again


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