She keeps her head down.

Trying to reveal nothing,

Yet to me I see everything just in that little action.

As i get her to look up the pain in her eyes... Is so evident. 


I want to pull her into my arms and assure her it'll be okay,

Yet i cannot.. For she has another. 

So all I do is give her a quick hug and tell her im here,

 Hoping she'll listen and maybe confide in me..


Yet I won't push my luck,

I wonder if her father and his blows of anger he takes out on her body. 

Or if it's her boyfriend and their on and off again fighting,

I wish i could take her away from all of this...


Holding her in my arms.

Kissing away the tears of pain,

Yet i know this will most likely never happen.

For she deserves much better than me...


So i'll play the best friend role and do what i can,

Being her shoulder in times of need. 

Her solace.. The safe place to land when she needs me,

The one she turns to ....


I wonder if she'll ever truely know how much she means to me,

The way when she hugs me her scent envelops me.. comforting me, 

Or the way that my knees go weak when she looks at me.

How i lose my breath when she does that cute giggle she does when she gets nervous.


What is this im feeling.. Is it lust.. Or something stronger..? 


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