And Still I am Wanting.

Tue, 12/30/2014 - 14:11 -- kaelarm

I want to be pregnant by the ambrosial breath of life,

and flit between the consuming fires of my insecurities unscathed.

To rejoice in the veracious appetite for pleasure and pain

I seem to have assimilated with my otherwise fairly docile and unassuming personality.

Perhaps it is the condition of being human,

that we become so extremist in our experience,

or perhaps it is just me.

I could never be close to someone who did not share the same compulsory neurosis.

It is this cataclysmic preoccupation with life that drives me to every corner of the earth,

every crevice of time,

and every devastatingly complex reality.

Oh, what it would be to sail that mighty ocean, and experience the world anew at every crest!

I have half a mind to piece back together the neglected sands of time,

and half a mind to push them onward faster.


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