And I'm Only Twenty?

Running is my second religion,<br> Kick boxing is my third.<br> My happiness is opposite of a smidgen,<br>  these things my age is often unheard!<br> I'm healthy and smart,<br> and no matter what people say,<br>  I will always keep an open heart,<br> to progress I will convey. <br> To help others is a need, <br> whether it'd be life or love.<br> So, keep up with my speed,<br> and slip on a boxing glove.<br> It may seem to be a challenge! <br> And if you hate cardio I feel sorry for you son,<br> because I have 50 problems,<br> and running aint one.<br> I'm not stopping now,<br> I'm an inspiration of many! <br>To keep this up I vow, <br>so can you believe i'm only twenty?


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