Ancient Child

There lives a girl inside my mind

Her face fragile, yet worn

She cried tears for a thousand years

And cannot cry one more


She sits stone-still upon a floor

Its boards scarred from her fists

She sat until the boo-boos healed

But they've not yet been kissed


A window watches over her

Because no one else will

Her fingers have caressed its frame

She's wept upon its sill


There is a world beyond her eyes

Like man has never known

I join her there on rainy days

When we both feel alone


We dance and sing until it seems

We've been playing for weeks

'Til suddenly she pulls me close 

And rocks me off to sleep


O ancient child with arms so strong

You know I cannot stay

I have a world that's made of dirt

Where days are simply days


You sent me home to Mama's arms

And Sister's laughing smile

Knowing that if I'm e'er alone

I'll visit you awhile

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