Ana Darling

Tue, 12/08/2015 - 22:56 -- mkaelam

I look in the mirror 

I don't see me

I just see her

The demon that haunts my every thought and dream

Some call her Ana

I usually just say 

Ana Please


please leave me be


please let me be happy 


 I've been getting better



I missed you so much


She convinces me I can't live without her

She tells me I don't need food 

I just need her

Everyone will love you 

She would say 

It was all so enticing 

I coudn't quite resist 

I look in the mirror 

I see what she's done 


Is this really me 


I start to fall to pieces

I'm an old clay vase

I'm crumbling 

She just watches and laughs


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