Ana and Mia

At first, I hated you so

But I guess I just didn't know

That later in life,

When I would face so much strife,

That the both of you

Would be the first thing that I would turn to.

Despite my tears,

And all of my fears,

I love how you make me feel

And despite the fact that both of you prevent me to heal,

I honestly don't care.

My concerns are no longer there.

You can call me crazy

And truth be told, things are getting hazy.

But I just want to be thin

And to fit in,

And what's wrong with that, it's not bad.

So don't be mad,

It's what I want to do.

Please don't judge because you don't know what I've been through,

And the fact that saddness is my addiction,

And it's a serious condition

But don't try to change me

Since this is how I choose to be

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