Amor del Pasado



A love story has no end;
but as they say, it needed to be bend.
Relationship don't last,
because some things are going to intrude you in a blast.

The timing seems to be right,
but the truth is not so bright.
I was caught off guard in a moment,
because you had your choice without my consent.

It's between losing you or giving you;
it is really hard to decide if you're not aware in the view.
Regrets are only for the people who didn't do anything,
and I'm having regrets because I gave you nothing.

You're mon amour then you end up being my friend,
and I really know that is the end.
Those black eyes who wants my attention;
and that talent of yours that considered you as an example of perfection.

We might forget each other's names,
but our memories will never fade.
And hearing your name made me think about my aims,
but hearing your name today is killing my heart using a blade.

But if you didn't try to talk to me,
maybe I will be the most stupid person if i didn't let it be.

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