Among the Shadows


Among the shadows,
in the dark of night,
Something is lurking
It doesn't feel right.
You can't hear me,
But you know I am there.
You can't see me,
Yet you feel my stare.
I sit and I spy
As you do your bad deed
With my watchful eye,
I see you fulfilling your greed.
Beware! Beware!
For out I will come.
Beware! Beware!
There's nowhere to run.
For I will be on you
In the dark of night
And they'll see what you've done
Clear as black and white.
You will tell us your lies,
The Truth will come out.
And the whole world will know,
What you're really about.
For among the shadows
Is a place you should fear.
When I come, you will scream
But no one will hear.


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