America: The Restorable

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A beautiful pride loitered in the air

The day our dear Americ was born

Ecstasy lit the eyes of her people

Shining as bright as the mid-summer sun

Twinkling as delicate as the stars

A cacophony of joyful voices

All pronounced her newfound independence

And victory songs gushed from her heart


But do we so believe or understand

With every single ounce of our being

That all men are created equal

While segregation thrives in many forms?

Are we truly the land of the free

While enslaved by a biased government?

Are we truly the home of the brave

When we're so afraid to admit our wrongs?


What has become of our land of the lost?

Have all our rock-solid beliefs crumbled

Into a lifeless heap of dreams and hopes?

We have switched the roles of falseness and fact

Favoring handouts over hard labor

And great wealth over economic growth

Oh, we cannot defend our exposed lands

As a troubled slumber consumes us now!


Our country can relive greatness once more

Fluttering as gracefully as her flag

Though she is a nation of weariness

Her bold colors drained by the wind

And her fine threads tattered from carelessness

Her beautiful pride can be awakened

And her historic claim, "In God We Trust"

Can again be her true badge of honor


We pledge allegiance to our fore fathers

And to every dedicated soldier

We offer gratefulness to a nation

Who forged a profound mark in history

We will raise our hopes to the eastern sky

And our prayers to our burdened government

And let the bombs bursting in air profess

That we will be America the Great!


Written by: Brittnae' Patterson


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My country
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