America is not so great

We claim to be the best but we can't even love.

All I see when I walk down the street is hate.

When I see the bold red hat I am disgusted.

America is not so great.


We have citizens that are so mad with our social progress,

they elected a racist, and homophobes to be in congress.

The new leader of our country believes my people are rapists,

and thinks eating a taco will make him less racist.


We have people of authority killing innocent black beauties

and never getting the justice they deserve.

But when a white male shoots up a school,

media just claims he just needs "help" and its absurd.


Men STILL think they have the RIGHT to tell women what to do.

By telling us abortion should be illegal, they're saying "we know whats best for you".

They don't trust us with a choice, but want to force us to have children.

But when that child turns out gay, a woman, or black they go silent.


When the bottom 99% makes less than the top 1%, that's a problem.

We have the President excused from tax returns,

but were prosecuted for the same action.

And how were treated is less than what we deserve.


We had an overqualified woman run for president,

lose to an ignorant, orange, inhumane devilment.

Ask me why we need feminism, and i'll show you the news.

The stats are true, regardless of your political views.


And apparently wanting to start a new life is a crime.

But only if you're a person of color.

And of course Columbus and his men are excused because

the whites could do it, while committing rape and murder.


America was never great, but we're still in the game.

To be a country united, to finally match our own name.

We have to realize we all have a right to be here.

To live our lives with joy, and not in fear.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



I am a very passionate woman who was so excited when I fist saw the topic of this poem. I wrote it going 100 mph. I hope you like it. 

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