America gave it to him


America gave it to him


America gave him life

American mom

American dad

Made an american son

A love existent

but  distant

loneliness in his mind

The parents are blind

They can’t see he’s growing up

With a view that's unkind

“He’s just shy”

Let the father lie

But he knows


He knows there is something wrong

in his child

But he’d rather leave it alone

Soon he’ll leave to college

And all the madness will be blown

So he’ll never confront the kid’s mental state

Anyway it’s too late

He’s been sad since the age of eight


It’s America that gave him sadness

Started with the hating

Then all the insulting

Ironic, posters about bullying

But no one was ever there

to help him from suffering


America calls him weird

They don’t like the clothes he wears

Hides as he secretly feared

The next person to push him down the stairs


America didn’t give him any friends

But he found himself in video games

violent ones, with guns and aims

The character of a killer,

Such amount of power,

Over one’s life

He could kill anyone

With more than just a knife.

He sometimes drew as well

Sketches, words and things with no spell

One day he sat down

With ideas all around

He made a plan

Wanted the revenge of a man;


so American handed him a gun

The teen has an AK-15

Packed his bag the night before

Revenge will finally be seen


“run , son, you’re gonna be late,

And please don’t forget,

When you leave close the gate!”

She has no clue

That her son is upstairs


The death of a crew;

Both parents left the house

He is now alone

Puts on the black blouse

Walks out with pride

This kid is so broken

And behind he left

The gate wide open.


It’s 9am

Sitting in his car

Tik tok, tik tok

It's almost time

Its revenge not a crime


Why is he shaking?

Why is he shaking?!

This is right

This is what he wanted

He shouldn’t be shaking

Why is he shaking?

Turn on the car

Starts the engine

he doesn’t live far

There is no more tension

He’s now parked at the school’s parking lot

Unlocks the trunk

And grabs everything he has brought

Walks towards the main entrance

Not afraid to get caught

Opens the doors

With all the strength that he’s got

Doesn’t think twice

And shoots his first shot.


2 people are dead


The alarm goes off

He keeps on marching down the hall

Teacher are making their last call

He walks down smiling

The bullets aren’t stopping

America is watching

The pride of a winning gamer

In his mind,

He became the number one player





He finally found the answer



Where is the jock?

Where is the brute?

People are screaming

Students are running


Some hiding in the closet, still

Others not yet sure if it’s a drill

The cafeteria turned into a battlefield

Classrooms doors became the only shield

Friends texting “are you okay?”

Staring a the body that lay

Dead, in the middle of the hallway.


Several died on this day

ones who once would say

“These school shooting would never to me

That’s all stuff you see on tv.”

But it’s until it happens to you

That you truly understand

Our lives are in the hand

 Of a country that kills

Children of the homeland


‘Because have you ever thought

About what would've have been done

If America would’ve never

Handed him that stupid gun?


This poem is about: 
My country


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