America: 2017 Edition

America the Great

Is up for some debate:

Unemployment is still high

And so are a lot of people,

Along with the fighting

Over the steeple.

The environment is hurtin’

Yet the president refutes this,

Refuses, and pulls the curtain

Over his own eyes.

Lies flow out of the mouths

Of politicians from both sides.

Not to mention the racial tensions

Remaining from multiple segregations

In our Great American history.

History is fluid.

It doesn’t stop to drop

The issues of the past.


Those remain.

It’s hard for men and women to maintain

And stay sane when there’s a wage gap:

A trap of gender inequality.

“Land of the Free”?

No, “Free” doesn’t tell you who to be

And force you into archetypes:

Those monolithic stereotypes.


An unarmed black man

Doesn’t deserve to be shot

Based on the color of his skin.


An unarmed white man

Must learn of his privilege

Based on the color of his skin.



Is what built this nation.


Are given the same rights as a male citizen.


So how do we mend

These cultural traumas?

We are people

So how do we mend

These racial divides?

Who like to be treated so,

So how do we fix

Our environment?

Who should work together

So how do we fix

Our “representative” politicians?

To solve our American issues.

So how do we heal

Our country?

We must start by talking

And agreeing that

There is a problem.


Our Democracy

                         Has Always been experimental.

Our Society

                   Has always been something special.


America first started with a cry of defiance.

Let’s not let it die with an obedient silence.

This poem is about: 
My country


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