Trapped in a dark room filled with doom

But I’m waiting on that spark so I can start.

On a new road but I’m getting too old

To be wait’n and contemplate’n on choices but I can’t hear

Ears filled up with fears

From the voices the scream’n demons rejoicing

My mind is filled up with poison


I was born with the light of a star so I strive

If life was like a car then he drives to survive

But he brakes until he breaks the transmission

Then transition young man’s mission

To go to college

Not to pay tuition but gain knowledge

I’m moving out of the projects

I’m moving out to the tropics

I’m wish’n upon this topic they wish’n that they can stop it

But they can’t so they just gossip, no problem I’m just focused on profit

Going in my pocket


See you can make it

But just don’t ever fake it

You be true and believe in you

When you get that chance you gotta take it


ButBy: Marquis Spencer


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