Ambiance Of Quaint Tapestry

Ambiance Of Quaint Tapestry
a mere silohette in upholestered transformation blocks the vortex of my mind

don't compare a wish from a mere notion of a lie
come to me in certain times as these
through the leaves on the trees a scented held back breeze
solemn fixtures mark the brevity of an old antique store
tires out in front candle in the window
cashmere sweater on a modeled aparatus
the long tug at the heart will light a spark to what we are searching for
covering the window on the right is a tapestry

a glare in the window to help summon its quaint folly alone
fashionable restoration gives way to cadence in vibrant fancy
we each exist in a sorted orb plausible for just a second then a spit glance and away

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