amber burden

In the amber midnight

theres nothing left

nothing too right

everything is quite asleep

dreaming warmly

dreaming deep


In the amber midnight

sparks come out of his eyes

they change my soul

where darkeness lies

i wait to heal in amber skies

take me from your arms

keep me at a distance

watch the falling stars

fade from my existence


the avenues are damp and lonely

honey ur the one and only

place i want to be

come go back here

stay with me


In the amber shadows

i sit here waiting by my life

steady as a breeze in the summertime

there are no birds

and those killed the bees

so night just sits around my knees

and fades into my room

i hope u stay here

back there soon


amber dreams  will come to me

back to see if i have changed

if i have stopped to rearrange

my loneliness



But in this amber twilight

i cannot see if its still night

so i cant dream with u

did you even want me to?


quiet sounds come over me

amber talks philosophy

with sarah and her dead to be

little cancer cellerys


"i love you

remember me

no try to leave my memory

but amber twilight cant u see

ill go away and die alone"

amber twilight ur my home


when the dark crawls into dawn

we stretch my arms and try to yawn

but ur not here to see

u may as well not ever be

In the amber midnight


good morning


and good night


then in the amber midnight

like the monster on the moon

you shed light into my room

do you see me dear

come with me

come back here

to the amber nights

just fall with me and hold on tight...


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