Amateur Outcry

They stare down at her 
She sees encouraging smiles
“…good!” “Almost!” 
“You just need to try a little harder.”
“None of us got this far without practice.”
“Get a little more experience”.
“okay”. She nods with a tight-lipped smile of her own, “okay. I’ll try to get more experience.”
Then they shut her up
In the dark
In the back
Under a sheet
Deaf and blind
Bound and gagged
Unable to cry
Unable to move
Until she hears the voices again 
“Let’s see how you’ve improved!”
“But wait, I didn’t get a chance to-“
Snickers. Catcalls. Disappointment. False encouragement, “well, we’re looking for someone a little more experienced, a little more qualified, a little more…”
“Okay. Okay. I’ll try.”
Then they shut her up
In the dark
In the back…


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