I wish you would stop plaguing my mind 

Infecting me like a sickness, 

Consuming my every thought. 

Infiltrating my dreams- 

Even in my sleep I cannot escape you. 


Your smile is infectious,

Your laugh intoxicating. 

It is so easy to lose myself in you. 


Your attention is electrifying,

That I could hold it is an addictive thought.  

I could bask in the warmth of your presence. 


You are a shimmering oasis,

But I’m afraid of becoming marooned-

Because even an escape 

Can become a prison. 


I wish I wouldn’t think so much 

Or read too much into things 

But the thing is, I see too much 

Of myself in you to trust you fully. 


But if I don’t trust you 

Then why do you feel like home?

Why does being near you 

Come so easily? 


I am drawn to you, and you to I

Because much like the tides,

I’m quite sure we are inevitable. 


And even though there is a chance 

That we might crash like the waves

And bring forth the wrath of Charybdis,

I think I'm ready to weather the storm. 



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