Am I really an "Evil" Queen

Am I really reduced to this?

A so called "Evil" queen?

One who'd kill for the crown?

Please honey, I don't need to cheat

Or kill for that matter,

Such a suggestions makes me frown.


Snow White? Everyone wanted her.

Wanted her dead that is.

The combo of power and looks?

Just asking for people to hate her.

She was just to perfect it wasn't fair.

It's the oldest type of jeaslousy in the books.


The huntsman who took her was fine.

He wasn't suppsoed to kill her really.

But she got sacred and so did he.

So he left her there for them to find.

If that's the way to keep her safe,

So be.


Now, every young man wanted her.

Not just for her heart either.

I knew the things that could go wrong.

She'd "fall in love" with the first boy.

Sweared she'd marry the second.

Then there'd be third, fouth and fifth not after long.


So I gave her an apple.

One with just a tiny spell. 

One to keep her from heart breaks and attacks.

As soon as she awoke and looked up,

She'd fine true love with no problem.

What's so wrong with that?


None of that crying and Drama.

Empty promise I know so well.

Just instant love with one sweet kiss.

She'd never have to worry

and she'd never have it hard.

That's a chance I wouldn't want to miss.


But of course not everyone saw that.

They said I wanted her dead.

They said I planned to kill her, 

Even though it's not true.

Would I really do that?

I mean, she is my daughter.


I just wanted what was best,

and I thought to keep her safe.

But it all created the wrong scene.

But then again, if she's happy,

and won't get hurt, 

I'll gladly wear the title of "Evil Queen"


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