Am I Heard?

Am I heard?

I wonder to myself all the time

After processing all this negativity in my mind

After hearing of conversion and god's hate

How can I be loved?


Am I heard?

I wonder as I look up my gay rights

As everyone decides not to fight

I can't donate blood, I can get kicked out of resteraunts, I have this feeling of lonesome inside

How can I have pride?


Am I heard?

I wonder as I listen to everyone voting on equality

As I hear the Westboro Baptist Church speeches

As I'm compared to Nazi's

As my friends ask theannoying generic questions like:

"How do you know you're gay?" or "Who's the boy and who's the girl?"

As I'm told that who I am is a choice


Am I heard?

In this country founded on democracy

Now turning it into hypocracy

My rights being denied because I like a guy

Because I think feminism isn't anything to be ashamed of

Because I'm not something that can be silenced

And you wonder why I cry


Am I heard? Am I heard!?!

Can anyone listen to me?!

I'm a person, I matter too!!

I should have every right the same as you!


I should not be considered a disease!

I should not have a majority I have to please!

I should not be told that I'm unhuman

I should not be told that God hates me!

I should not be called a faggot

I should not be told that this is just a bad habbit


I am a person, I am a man

I have a voice!

A voice that should be heard!

A voice that needs to fight for what's right!

Not swept unde the rug!



Am I heard?

Am I equal?

Am I human?

Am I a disease?

Why does my sexaul orientation something I have to prove?

Why is these laws against people here?

Why do we have to vote on HUMAN Rights?

Why have we lost our urge to fight?


So I ask you all today

Whether you're straight or gay

Am I heard?

Or simply ignored?


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