Am I Flawless?

Flawless means a standard of perfection with a set highest point. Flawless means you have no problems. Flawless means me. 

I try my best and determine my own success. I never settle for just okay, I always determine the course of the play. I fix my mistakes but never use them as out takes because why would I not learn from something that can make me stronger? Does that make me seem wronger? I have family and friends that support what I do and I always have someone to talk to. I set my own goals and finish them to the end. I save money I get and every once in a while I spend. I try not to talk back, I try not to slack. You'll never see my cry, even if I fail what I try. All these things seem superficial, and I seem really special, but it's not just me that can achieve what I believe, it can be anyone who sees what they can truly be.

I am the only one that can define flawless when it defines me because to others I am wrong, I have problems, and I am flawed, but others are not me. You define what flawless means to you but whatever you do, let me choose for me, not you. 

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